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PDF Invoice module for Magento 2 is a professional tool that helps a store admin quickly and easily customize invoices and other billing documentation and send them to customers.

  • Extension functionality allows a user to select from several modern ready-to-use PDF templates, right after module installation or create his own PDF docs and customize them with ease.
  • Furthermore, it is possible to add a company logo and various images to the PDF file, implement QR codes and barcodes with additional info about online store or store products.
  • Both store admins and customers can download, print or send these documentation via email.

All our Magento Extensions have been developed in accordance with Magento standards and can be installed even on highly customized stores!

  • Guests can apply for returns;
  • Thread with attachments and admin notes;
  • Custom fields for an RMA request form;

Increase the value of the billing documents to your business

Generate well-designed PDF documents in a few clicks
You can create well-designed PDF documents in a few clicks — the extension contains a set of preconfigured modern templates. All you need is just to choose the one you like and insert the necessary product/company data.
Create your own PDF templates
Easily change the default extension templates. Modify colors and fonts, your company logo, promo codes, product’s barcodes and qr codes to the document to match your corporate design or requirements of the law. Besides, you can generate a new document from scratch.
Enhance your PDF invoices with images and other info
Each product attribute such as size, color, image and so on can be added to the PDF doc, making it easier to your warehouse team to pack the orders.
Add marketing messages to your sales docs
Use the extension to add marketing messages, announcements, coupons and other calls to action to your sales documents.

Improve customer experience

  • Give the store shoppers a useful option to print and download their orders in PDF format right from their account when entering 'My Orders' section.
  • Add a qr code with billing info to the invoice thus offering your customers a real alternative to paper or email invoices. So the customer can just scan the QR code on the invoice, check the payment information and then pay using his mobile phone.
  • PDF files generated by the module are well optimized and significantly smaller than Magento’s built-in PDFs, thus cause less workload on your customer’s hard drives.
  • All PDF docs are translated automatically in accordance with the store view language. It is also possible to set up different layouts/documents for each of your store views.

Easily handle all your sales documents from admin panel

Use preview mode in backend
There is no need to switch between tabs to check the changes you’ve made to your PDF files. You can see PDF doc with the modifying results right from the backend
Efficiently manage your templates
Manage all your templates in one easy-to-use grid. Click on the file to see the details or make changes
Print PDF documents in mass
Using Magento 2 PDF Invoice extension’s admin panel you can print a single invoice or multiple invoices as a batch
Automatically attach PDF docs to the emails
Automatically attach invoice, order shipping or credit memo PDF documents to your sales emails thus helping you and your employees save time and effort.
Add all the required information
Use variables to output built-in fields of Magento in the PDF templates. Add custom product attributes, custom order data as well as info from the 3rd part extensions
Create varied sales documentation
Magento 2 PDF Invoice supports custom PDFs of various types: invoice, order, credit memo, shipment
Support of all Magento product types
The extension supports the following types of products: Simple Products, Configurable Products, Bundle Products, Grouped Products, Virtual Products, Custom Product Types
Custom paper size and orientations
Сhoose between various paper types such as A4/A5/Letter, create pdf docs with custom paper types and sizes, as well as set up a portrait or landscape orientation for the document
To learn more you can read detailed user guide and documentation on how to set it up and to configure.


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What to do if the module is incompatible with other modules and 3rd-party integrations of the Magento store?

Please, leave your message via the form on the Support page - our specialists will provide you help or instructions shortly.

The probability of integration conflicts with other components of the client Magento store is quite low as we stick to Adobe standards during the development which are aimed to ensure mutual compatibility of modules from different vendors.

What support options do you provide?

- Lifetime free updates

- 3 months free support — answering arising questions and error fixing

- Support Service subscription can be purchased separately (12 Month Service Agreement - $300)

- Lifetime access to the source code

Do you have a free trial?

We provide a free demo of our modules so you can try it out anytime. Please, find a free demo on the page of each module.

What is your refund policy?

We guarantee a 100% refund within 25 days from the moment of purchase. For more information, follow this page.

What shall I do if I found bugs while using your module?

Please, describe your case via the form on the Support page - we will tackle it asap and get back to you with a result.

How to install/deinstall your modules?

Installation & deinstallation guide is provided for each module on the personal page of the concrete module.

For how many stores I can use the module?

1 purchase of a module = 1 domain where you can install and use it. If you need the module to work for multiple domains, please, purchase the modules the same amount of times.

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